Missio Immaculatae

Missio Immaculatae is a bimonthly Marian catechetical-missionary magazine of the Academy of the Immaculate. In each issue you will find a series of presentations and reflections designed to enhance your knowledge and devotion to the one chosen to be the Mother of Our Lord. The articles are penned by a variety of authors ranging from world-renowned experts in Mariology, to other religious and laity endowed with a deep knowledge of Our Lady and devotion to her, and to prelates of the Church, all communicating their insights on the Virgin Mary and love for her, in order that others may in turn be inspired to discover and to love her.

Our Mission

Following in the footsteps of St. Maximilian Kolbe, we aim, by means of Missio Immaculatae International, to bring all souls into contact with the Immaculate. She is our “royal road to sanctification” and the “shortest, surest, most beautiful” way (St. Maximilian) of bringing souls into contact with Jesus, our Savior and our salvation.  As our minds are enlightened with knowledge of the Blessed Virgin and our hearts inflamed with love for her, we become better disposed to be true missionaries of Our Lord and of the Gospel, bringing Jesus to souls, just as Our Blessed Lady did when she visited St. Elizabeth.

In such wise, you, our readers, can become sharers in the Mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix, as you read and assimilate the content herein and then share this magazine with others. Is there any better mission to participate in for the good of souls? By welcoming the Immaculate Virgin into our hearts, may God bring to pass in each one of us the beautiful work of molding our hearts into the likeness of his crucified Son.  May the Immaculate Virgin bless each of you with her divine Son.

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