2016 January/February

Volume 12/No.1


United Continually to the Heavenly Mother

Fr. Stefano Miotto F.I.
Mary, Life of The Soul

Mary, True Mother of the Word and Advocate of Eve in Saint lrenaeus

Fr. Luca M. Genovese
Mary in the Writings of the Saints: The Fathers of the Church

Highest After Christ and Also Closest To Us

Jonathan Fleischmann
The Immaculate: Mystery and Revelation

Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace: Our Lady of Lipa

Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins
Mary Our Mother

Cana, the Family and the Maternal Mediation of Mary

Fr. Peter Damian M. Fehlner, F.I.
Marian Magisterium

Even Our Spiritual Progress Must Belong to the Immaculate

by Fr. Matthias M. Sasko, F.I.

The Eucharist and the Rosary: The Link Between Fatima, Amsterdam and Akita

Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew
Mary in Contemporary Life

Immaculate Faith - Part II

Fr. Giacinta Marie Dagesse
Marian Spirituality

Saint Juan Diego: Icon of Mary's Evangelical Mission

Br. John M. Samaha, S.M.
The Saints and Our Lady

The Presence of the Virgin Mary at Holy Mass

Msgr. Charles M. Mangan
Mary, Woman of the Eucharist

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